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Painted Brain | How To Create Inspiring Space In Your Room
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How to Create Inspiring Space in Your Room

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Creating inspiring space in our room: An office with a computer and desk overlooking a window

Whether you’re studying or working from home, the space around you means much more than you may think. Try working for a day in a dirty, gloomy room without proper lighting and with nothing but mess around. Then try working another day in a clean room with plants, fresh air, sufficient lighting, and all necessary tools right nearby.

We feel the difference even after reading these two sentences.

Creating a space where you’ll feel the most productive and inspired is a creative and very interesting process. It’s not only an investment in your future results but a great way to self-reflect and understand yourself a little better.

Let’s see what easy steps you can make towards a better room inspiration.

🎨1: Choose or Adjust the Color Palette of Your Room

Choose colors according to your liking and the purpose of the room:

  • Green and blue increase productivity, focus, and work efficiency;
  • Yellow help to be more optimistic, which is also important when aiming for a big goal;
  • Red and orange are more aggressive and can become a distraction.

If you need more, don’t stick to basic shades. The choice of colours is limitless. If you have a color in mind but don’t know its name or code, Google is there to help:

  1. Search a similar color by name or description;
  2. Add ‘code’ if you need one for better navigation;
  3. You’ll see a bunch of websites that offer color palettes with names and codes;
  4. Choose a palette that matches what you want;
  5. Copy the names, codes, and images for reference;
  6. Get creative!

Don’t know where to get ideas? Look for blogs online with design backlinks that will lead you to websites with thousands of motivational ideas. People writing for other blogs know exactly how to decorate your room either because they have done massive research or achieved success in their own spaces!

2: Add Personalization to Claim This Place as ‘Yours’

This may be your room already, but we talk about personalizing it so much that you want to be there. It should be cozy and familiar; a place where you’re the most comfortable and focused on goal-achieving.

Investigate your unique style and add the necessary elements to the room. This will not only make it aesthetically pleasing but give you a dopamine rush, bringing a feeling of accomplishment.

💡3: Use Sufficient Lighting Convenient for You

When we say ‘sufficient’, we mean just enough light for your eye comfort. Some people enjoy bright light like at an office, while others feel much better with minimum screen brightness and soft, warm light around.

The choice of lamps is so wide that you can work surrounded by sunset light, an everlasting golden hour. And don’t forget about the main light bulb we all have – the Sun. You can play with it and limit the brightness where you sit to balance comfort. But try letting in more sunlight throughout the day.

It improves mood, sends signals to our body that it’s day and it’s time to be the most productive. Make the lighting in your room adjustable; who knows what ‘comfort’ will mean for you tomorrow, so leave some space for change.

🎶4: Add Ambience That Will Make the Room Super-Special

Create a playlist that keeps you inspired and focused and a fragrance that improves your mood and wakes you up. These two factors will create an amazing ambiance that will make you love working or studying.

When it comes to the playlist, add songs that make you feel like you can do everything. However, they shouldn’t become a distraction, so adjust the volume and stay focused. If the lyrics distract you, there are special ambient playlists on YouTube that will place you in a coffee shop or a park near a river.

As to the fragrance, suit yourself. We know that citrus odors can wake you up, but the fragrance of your working space should totally depend on your taste.

📚5: Install More Shelves to Achieve Order

More shelves will save you space and help declutter the room. Keeping it clean and organized doesn’t take a lot of time if you do it daily as a part of a pre-work ritual. If your space is a mess, you can either leave one day to do all the work or cover drawer by drawer (or pile by pile) every day.

The key to organizing? Shelves. Lots of them.

They can be as creative as you want; hanging baskets or classic wooden shelves, out-of-this-world shapes, or regular ones.

If you’ve already done shelving and have lots of ideas on how to utilize your space in the best way. You can take up guest posting for home improvement blogs and make money simply by sharing experiences and tips!

🧃🍕6: Organize Tools, Drinks, Snacks

It’s very easy to get distracted by anything. If you need a charger, you have to stand up, interrupting work or studies, and go get it. On the way, you may see something interesting on the TV, think about grabbing a snack, read one notification, and end up in your Insta feed for hours.

To avoid it, create a ritual before the working or study day. Gather up all the items you’re going to need, including:

  • All gadgets needed for work;
  • Chargers;
  • Anything for your hair, hands, etc., whatever you’re using several times a day;
  • Some snacks;
  • Water (lots of it).

Add or remove stuff from the list but make all those things accessible immediately when you need them. You’ll still have opportunities to take breaks, stand up, do a short workout, etc. But having all items organized beforehand will focus you on the upcoming project and save time for search and distractions.

🌷7: Add Nature to Your Room

Nature makes wonders to our mood. That’s why so many people choose to go to the park for work. Consider adding natural elements to your room. From live plants to faux flower decorations, you have full freedom.

Having plants in your working space will:

  • Clean air;
  • Decrease stress levels;
  • Improve memory and productivity.

You can choose plants that don’t require much maintenance. But if you’re interested in everything botanic, level up the game and plant something special. Caring for it will improve your mood and become a ritual before work or during a lunch break.

There are more tips on creating a perfect home office, which is a very popular practice nowadays. More and more businesses realize the benefits of remote work. And if you’re working in such a company, a special space for work at home is essential for productivity and motivation.

Inspirational home decor ideas will spike up your creativity, which also affects productivity and motivation. Try to make small changes and you’ll see results already!

Frank Hamilton has been working as an editor at essay review service Best Writers Online. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.

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