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Painted Brain | Services
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Art Group Services

Leveraging The Peer Support Model

Speaker’s Bureau

Hire our speaker’s to share their personal stories.

Occupational Therapy

Supporting the practical needs of our community.

Social Media Marketing

Hire our team for your digital marketing needs.

Why It Is Imperative To Choose An Organization Focused On Social Enterprise

Mental health and homelessness issues can hinder an individual from learning new skills; preventing them from being able to secure a job and earn a sustainable living. By hiring us you’re powering our workforce development program; supporting our community in the reintegration into society and the workforce. Our mental health climate makes it harder for individuals to sustain a financially sound lifestyle and it is important for us as a society to be held accountable and make wise decisions that can reflect a healthier socioeconomic balance.


Our Tech Vision

CodiePie envisions that all individuals living with mental health challenges, homelessness, and adversities that may hinder acquiring new job skills and a secured job will have the opportunity to experience recovery while learning technical skills for positions in tech.