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Painted Brain | Community Wellness Mixer
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Join Us On ZOOM

January 23rd, 20217 PM - 9:30 PM PST


We are hosting an online mixer with participating partners sharing their mission and work in the mental health community. Join us as we discuss some of the new and innovative technologies circulating here in Los Angeles County and abroad. Our partners at USC’s IGM Art Gallery and Dr. Joshua Lee Cohen (keynote speaker) from Film/Video-Based Therapy will be presenting on ground-breaking research in trauma-informed treatment modalities through Virtual Reality. The purpose of this event is to broaden perspectives on mental health services using the latest technologies to support Peer’s overall wellness.

This first of its kind Virtual Mixer event with the support of Comic Cure will feature comedians as seen on HBO, Netflix, and Comedy Central, along with podcaster, founder and director of Heart Forward LA pioneering the Trieste Model in Hollywood, Kerry Morrison, and VR telehealth tech companies looking to support community-based solutions to capacity building in the VR world to empower peer employment through the SB 803.


Creating a community of peers living with mental health challenges to overcome their adversities and live a successful and independent life.


Fostering the largest peer mental health network in the world.


Intro Session

(10 min)

An introduction from our host, Dr. Joshua Cohen, on the purpose behind this event, a brief overview of Peer Mental Health from David Israelian, founder and CEO, and how Virtual Reality can support overall wellness. Dr. Cohen will demonstrate FrameVR with 20 participants including keynote speakers on the use of VR.

Elyn Saks PADS

(15 min)

Discusses ethics, policies, and mental health law on the integrations of new technologies for treatment and the protection of rights for recipients of mental health care.

Alex Elliott VR

(10 min)

Discusses Virtual Reality as an assistive technology to reduce barriers to care.

Miriam Feldman New Book

(15 min)

Miriam Feldman’s He Came in With It blazes open the heart of motherhood with devastating honesty and dazzling beauty. This book is about what lives between a mother and son who struggle to navigate mental illness. Turns out what lives there is heart and art, messy, chaotic, traumatic and breathtakingly beautiful.

Lisa Padilla VR

(15 min)

Discusses the transformative technologies in Virtual Reality using biofeedback that creates and publishes in the areas of personal development & emotional intelligence.

Jose Barrientos Comedy

(15 min)

As a kid, Jose Barrientos was continually innovating and learning complex computer skills – and also playing pranks. Yet it wasn’t until he joined the military after high school that instead of getting in trouble, his technical abilities were finally recognized as an impressive asset.

Amanda Lipp Filmmaker

(10 min)

Discusses The Giving Gallery, social entrepreneurship, and filmmaking.

Skip Rizzo VR Therapy

(10 min)

Skip Rizzo is a clinical psychologist and Director of Medical VR at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies. He is also a Research Professor with the USC Dept. of Psychiatry and School of Gerontology.

Kerry Morrison Podcaster

(15 min)

Covering Heart Forward Podcast and the implementation of the Trieste Model from Italy in Hollywood.

Dr. Marlene Valter AnaVault

(10 min)

Discusses Virtual Reality Therapy treatment and supporting Peers through wellness evaluations to create a Wellness Toolkit.

Kristin Key Comedy

(15 min)

While she is recognized for her appearance on NBC’s Bring the Funny and her new clean Dry Bar special, Crafty, her additional credits include: Comics Unleashed, VH- 1’s 100 Greatest Series, The Bob and Tom Show on Sirius XM, Ladies Night Out, and Laughs on Fox.

To learn more about our Virtual Event, click “Contact Us” below.