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Painted Brain | Peer Tech
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Our Peer Tech Training program uses a Train-the-Trainer model covering basic Digital Health Literacy, and Social Media Marketing. The skills taught in our classes supports peers in harnessing technology to improve job readiness, sustainability, and overall wellness. All of our curriculums reflect the 8 dimensions to wellness domains from SAMHSA to ensure a whole-person care approach.


The ability to access and use the Internet, computers, and related technology has become essential in today’s world. Technology is transforming the most important areas of our lives, from employment to education to health.

The LA County Department of Mental Health in collaboration with Painted Brain created a Digital Health Literacy Curriculum, a peer-led course that increases digital health literacy among mental health consumers and peers as well as college-aged young adults. Digital health literacy highlights how we can use technology such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads and other devices to capture elements of our lived experiences (e.g. behavior, symptoms, mood), define health-related goal-setting, encourage self-management strategies, and provide support in managing day-to-day tasks.

Overall, enhanced digital health literacy can serve as a tool to improve the mental wellness of individuals within our target population.


Email Setup

Learn about the various email providers, how to create an email, best practices for composing emails, and staying secured.

Free Digital Resources

Learn about free and low-cost digital resources and the importance of being secure with personal information when using these resources.

Download Apps

Learn about what an App is, how to download Apps, and the importance of reviewing Apps.

Online Storage

Learn about the various aspects of online storage systems and the benefits of using the cloud.

Online Security

Learn about digital security and how to best secure your digital accounts.

Just4Me Client Portal

Learn about the many functions of the Just4Me Patient Portal including how to set up various accounts and notifications for appointment reminders.

To learn more about our Digital Health Literacy training program, click “Contact Us” below.


Participants will use the principles and elements of design along with the digital interface Canva to create attention grabbing graphics. The designs made in this course can be used for social media posts, company branding, product design, website design, fundraising campaigns, and so much more. Participants build portfolios of versatile graphics useful beyond the course as well as the skill set and confidence to continue creating valuable designs for your organization. The course is taught on Zoom, enabling participants to share screens and classwork to receive immediate feedback and instructed guidance.

Contact us to find out more about our Social Media Marketing training services today.


Social Research

Learn research techniques to know your audience, and cultural and industry trends. Discover stratagems on how to best approach your audience.

Content Creation

This module covers key considerations, the various content formats on the platforms, the power and practice of scheduling content and how to tie it all together with a strategic social media campaign plan.

Content Outreach

Master paid promotions and influencers with true influence. Observe live data feed as your content or brand message grows legs of its own and builds momentum.

Social Media Algorithms

Learn the three major social media platforms’ algorithms to leverage reach and optimize your efforts when publishing posts.

Social Listening

This module covers bringing it all together with cutting-edge strategy, research, and trends.

Analyzing Data & Trends

Learn how to manage big data, large campaigns, view data analytics, and predict social media trends.

To learn more about our Social Media Marketing training program, click “Contact Us” below.