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Painted Brain | About Honest
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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About Honest

What is Honest, Painted Brain’s social enterprise incubator?

A group of people that creates jobs by matching current jobs data and job projections to practical employment opportunities that feature creativity and independence in a supportive work environment.  We incubate ideas based on an understanding of both market needs and the needs of the people we hope to employ.  We are creating jobs that are achievable and accessible by offering a wide range of options from on-the-spot brief projects to ongoing jobs and opportunities for advancement.  Social enterprise applies business solutions to social problems.

What is the first employment project that Honest will incubate?

Honest Clothing is a clothing consignment enterprise that utilizes a donation-based system to collect and restore highly resalable items with the purpose of creating jobs and a side benefit of saving the earth.

How it works?

Drawings by Painted Brain Artist: Jose Gonzalez

We employ a multi-stage process to create opportunities for a wide range of skill sets.  Not only will our employees recruit donors and collect clothing, but we will also employ photographers and models of all sizes, races, and genders so that we can showcase clothing on our social media channels and promote our events.

Where are we in this process?

Currently, Honest is in the Start-Up phase of development.  We are actively collecting clothing and will begin to shoot photos and publicize our progress through our social media channels as clothes come it.  Expect our first Pop-Up Sale in Summer 2017. Following the launch of this initiative, we will be able to offer employment to staff in addition to our current roster of talent.

Why do we need Honest enterprise?

Honest believes that by creating gainful employment in practical industries, individuals with barriers to employment will gain the necessary resources to be self-sufficient, thus building and sustaining community.  We believe that communities are built through the creation of jobs and by synergizing community support resources.  A supportive work environment values individual difference and operates from a place of harm reduction and trauma-informed work environment.

Why should I donate to the Honest enterprise?

The benefits of donation are vast.  You will receive paperwork signifying your tax-deductible donation and will be aiding our mission to employ people in recovery from trauma, mental illness, and incarceration.  And you are saving the earth in the process.  Thanks!

How do I donate clothes and goods?

There are various ways to donate clothing and goods and to get involved.

  1. Arrange for a pickup of your donation at
  2. Plan an Office or Community Clothing Drive
  3. Call or email Rayshell Chambers to coordinate office and estate pickups at +1(213) 545-4664 or via email at
  4. Invite us to speak to your staff or at a gathering on mental health literacy