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Painted Brain | Join The Volunteers
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Join The Volunteers


Inquiry Form

  • What is the Painted Brain Volunteers program?

    Painted Brain Volunteers’ program consists of individuals giving two to three hours of their time per week to support individuals living with mental health challenges as well as the Painted Brain online platform and social medias.

    • Volunteer Opportunities

      • Mentorship Program

      • Leading An Art Group

      • Running a Skills Development Training Workshop

      • Research Development for Job Opportunities

      • Writing or Editing Articles for Painted Brain News

      • Social Media Moderator

      • Preparing Memes for Social Media

      • Answering The Painted Brain Forum

    What are the perks of the Painted Brain Volunteers program?

    • PERKS

      • Social Media and Site Recognition - 36 hrs

      • Letter of Completion - 60 hrs

      • Letter of Recommendation - 100+ hrs

      • Full Recognition with a Letter of Completion and Recommendation 200+ hrs

    How many people are involved in Painted Brain Volunteers’ program?

    We average two to three volunteers per week but we’d like to increase these numbers with individuals that can devote specific days that support their interest of their time for ninety days on a weekly basis.

    Who runs Painted Brain Volunteers’ program?

    Painted Brain Volunteers’ program is directed by David Israelian, the co-founder, and CTO of Painted Brain, with the assistance of the community peers and interns.

    How do I join the Painted Brain Volunteers’ program?

    Fill out the form above and share with us briefly on your reason you’d like to volunteer and how mental health is important to you.

    Why do we need the Painted Brain Volunteers’ program?

    We must continue the art of giving and mustn’t fall short to recognize the quiet contributions of the most marginalized group of individuals. Painted Brain members give their time to our local communities, city council, national parks, animal shelters, and several mental health drop-in centers and agencies. This spreads the good message that Painted Brain members are actively giving their time to better Los Angeles California and influence positive change and so we invite you to give back to them.

    Through your time of giving you’re validating that not all of society has forgotten the good works and true kindness so many members here carry.

    How do we know Painted Brain Volunteers’ program has an impact?

    Many Painted Brain members share their appreciation for the volunteers during the community meetings expressing how their giving of time and skill sets better their lives. We also see the reverse, where volunteers learn from our members and sometimes even more than expected. The mainstream media may have lowered the bar of expectation from populists perspective of the mentally ill contributions but experiencing our community is something you will never forget. Our members are diverse in ethnicity, culture, religion and talent, and we proudly say there are many polymaths. Our members have vast knowledge with an array of art styles and techniques, along with skills in tech such as Motion Graphics, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Web Design, and Mobile Application Development. We invite volunteers to trade skills and support our members to improve our community experience and spread the positive conversation about mental illness.

    History of Painted Brain Volunteers’ program

    In the past, we’ve seen a trend of individuals that have the extreme drive to volunteer but end up losing momentum after the first month. Please, inquiry only if you are able to give your time weekly. Our expectations are where you set them and your words we hold true.