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Painted Brain | Join The Young Ambassadors
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Join The Young Ambassadors


Leader Inquiry Form

  • What is the Painted Brain Young Ambassador program?

    Painted Brain seeks to foster leaders and prep them to advocate, support their community programs by running groups in several IMDs, as well as spreading the message via social media and local events.

    How many people are involved in Painted Brain’s Young Ambassador program?

    At the moment there are 5 members and growing. If you are interested in joining the Young Ambassador program, you must fill out the form above or you can contact David Israelian at (310) 893-3269.

    Who runs Painted Brain’s Young Ambassador program?

    It is directed by David Israelian, the co-founder and CTO of Painted Brain as well as peer leaders he has mentored for the past two years and current.

    How do I join Painted Brain’s Young Ambassador program?

    It’s very simple, fill out the form above. If you have the zeal and drive to make the change in your local community so conversations about mental illness are embraced and individuals living with mental health challenges aren’t deterred from pyschatric support and/or service, Painted Brain’s Young Ambassador program is for you.

    Why do we need the Painted Brain Young Ambassador program and why did it start?

    For the longest time Painted Brain’s Young Ambassador program ran under provisional conditions and never officially launched. After many members expressed interest in taking community forerunning responsibilities, David Israelian began the workshop, prepping individuals in coding, social eticate, coping mechanisms, and advocating in the Los Angeles County educational institutes for mindfulness and living successfully with mental illness.

    How do we know Painted Brain Young Ambassador’s program has an impact?

    We look to influence introspective impact within our community which in return gives individuals the awareness to reflect their insight and influence the change we need as a whole for societal perception of mental illness to skew toward a more empathic view. We believe the natural flow of communication, trust, and confidence comes from relational and psychosocial development, rather than using assessments or programactic exercises we like to follow the saying by JJ Edwin, “Allow one to be, as to be one, comes with two, and two with many, is much more. “.