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Painted Brain | Latest Solutions
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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We’re always seeking innovative ways to improve our services with you to make the most impact with sustainability and quality of service in the foreground. Do to recent events, we’d like to propose ways we can provide remote services without compromising quality and rich social engagement. Our remotely ran groups using video conferencing and 2D VR platforms for training and art engagement are now the solution to our temporary problem.

Latest Solutions

Teletraining Solutions

Using our state of the art 2D video conferencing program, we’re able to connect trainers with trainees. Teletraining is the solution to continue supporting education and job skills development for the future workforce. Our trainers are equipped and ready to connect with your participants. They will access a live trainer, worksheets, previous workshop recordings for makeup sessions, and a forum to ask questions and stay connected.


To continue providing social connectivity using the latest technologies for sustaining community, job training, and job security.

Telehealth Solutions

Our 2D video conferencing HIPAA compliant program connects clients with peer counselors and therapists. Telehealth is the solution to continue supporting social connectivity, engagement in art activities, and the overall wellbeing of individuals from the comfort of their home or choice of location. Our counselors are equipped and ready to connect with your participants.