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Painted Brain | Painted Brain Talks
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Painted Brain Talks

Education and Advocacy


By speaking in raw and honest terms about living with psychiatric symptoms in a complex world, we challenge students of all ages, backgrounds, and persuasions to think differently about mental illness. Our speakers represent all walks of life and all types of mental health experiences. We do not script a message for audiences though will tailor the talk towards the demographic. For example, in speaking to young mental health professionals the focus will be on how our speakers have experienced mental health workers, whereas speaking to high school students the focus is on that period of our speakers lives. Speakers are welcome to talk from a variety of viewpoints, open or not about specific diagnoses, personally choosing to be on medication and choosing not to be. Though often prosaic, we are never prescriptive. We start the conversation, and all talks are half story telling and half dialogue with audience members. We will change your views on schizophrenia. Bring us in for your team or students.


In July of 2020, Painted Brain had its first minority mental health month webinar titled “Addressing Minority mental Health One Day At A Time”.

After this webinar, PB has committed to making Minority Mental Health Month a permanent focus. This new focus will be yearlong and will cover mental health from a BIPOC point of view. We will have regular production of video interviews talking with folks about the culturally-specific experience of mental health.

Also, remaining Speakers bureau to PB Talks and highlighting Speakers from culturally specific  backgrounds,

Painted Brain Talks
Painted Brain Talks

Who is Painted Brain Talks

Our speakers bureau presents a mix of voices from professionals and peer leaders. Painted Brain feels that mental health providers, like our director, can benefit the field of mental health by opening up about our own struggles. Professionals do nothing for stigma reduction by hiding our own mental health challenges, and such secrecy perpetuates the false dichotomy between mental illness and mental health. Our speakers are artists of all stripes, loud advocates for a new view of psychiatric symptoms and brave voices charting a path towards an identity that incorporates mental health instead of denying the importance of this aspect in our development.

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Painted Brain Talks


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