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Painted Brain | Wraparound Engagement Desert Outreach
We're bridging communities and changing the conversation about mental illness using arts and media.
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Wraparound Engagement Desert Outreach

W.E.D.O. CCAV – known as (Wraparound Engagement Desert Outreach by Children’ s Center of Antelope Valley) is a community capacity building project funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. This program aims to reduce stigmas surrounding h0melessness and incarceration by building a trauma-informed community through a consortium of local social services agencies. 

The program serves both Transitional Age Youth ( age 16-25) who are experiencing or at risk of unstable housing, and individuals recently involved with the justice system or with a history of incarceration.

Painted Brain’s Academy was established to harness technology for social good as a catalyst to assist individuals in improving their mental wellness and to provide marketable skills for the workforce. Recently in partnership with CCAV and Antelope Valley Youthbuild, a charter school, we began a tech training and workforce development program for transitional age youth focused on creating jobs in media and tech.

Painted Brain operates as a social enterprise that provides experiential learning and employment opportunities through the following enterprises:

  • Print/Media Enterprise 
  • Tech Enterprise 
  • Digital Marketing Enterprise
Wraparound Engagement Desert Outreach

Print/Media Enterprise

The media enterprise provides the opportunity for at-risk youth to engage in training workshops using the Train-The-Trainer model, teaching skills needed to create a digital and print magazine.

Painted Brain will employ youth as part-time editors, writers, reporters, and photographers to join the media team.

Tech Enterprise 

The tech enterprise provides an opportunity for youth to engage in front end web development utilizing HTML and CSS, and WordPress development.

Painted Brain will employ at-risk youth as part-time web developers to join the media team as peer tech specialist.

Wraparound Engagement Desert Outreach

Digital Marketing Enterprise

The social media enterprise provides an opportunity for youth how to use social media management to prepare for careers in digital marketing.

Painted Brain will employ youth as part-time digital marketers to be apart of our media team.